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澳门mg电子官网:Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.28% to maintain upward channel financial stocks finished lower

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内容摘要: FriShanghai Composite IndexShanghai Composite Index rose in early trading and remained high in the afternoon. Finances in the financial sec...

Fri Shanghai Composite Index Shanghai Composite Index rose in early trading and remained high in the afternoon. Finances in the financial sector retreated after the close of the day and Shanghai Composite Index narrowed down. Shenzhen Composite Index closed with the Shanghai Composite Index but weaker with a slight weakening. GEM Index Trend and The same yesterday, a strong upward trend in early trading, turmoil fell in the afternoon, the disk rose more than 1%. At the close, the Shanghai Stock Index reported 3558.13 points, or 0.28%, turnover of 258.1 billion yuan; Shenzhen Component Index 11557.82 points, or 0.05%, turnover of 243.8 billion yuan; GEM point to 1816.80 points, or 0.33%, turnover of 70.76 billion yuan. Plate, Cement, Airport Shipping, Real Estate Development, initials and other concepts rose in the concept plate; oil, the new shares, nonferrous metals, military, steel and other concept plates decline in the top.

Message: 1. Development and Reform Commission: In implementation of the document No. 1 of the Central Government in 2018, it conducted a field investigation on the preparation of a strategic plan for rural rejuvenation; 2. Xinhua News Agency: targeted drop boots fell on the ground; steady monetary policy did not change; 3. Ministry of Lands: 11 city use of collective construction land construction leasing pilot program.

Operation point of view, the current A-share gains have been higher, the overlay liquidity tight, fast plate movement, market regulation and other factors, the short term need to be cautiously optimistic, do not chase the high; long-term A-share market optimism, Do not worry too much.

Boshi Fund Analyst Analyst Wei Fengchun said optimistic expectations of economic growth and liquidity are the reasons for the recent stock market rally. In the short term, these conditions are hard to falsify. We suggest that the stock market should be actively deployed in the first quarter, Based on the financial, consumer and cycle, to prevent the liquidity risk of small-cap growth, we should dare to take profit only when the short-term increase is too large.

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Source: 7_89456_107_6547 3_9 Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-01-25

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